2006 agency creation /  18 000 photographed smiles /  26 000 lighted candles / 50 diet coke per week



Founder – 44 years old

Caroline’s assumed commitment: make pure refinement and elegance a signature. From the iconic and grand wedding to the discreet and intimate one, the esthetical universes conceived by her team are accolades to refined simplicity itself.  Resolutely positioned in tradition with luxury craftsmen, each agency’s member cultivates a sharp detail-oriented mind and distinguishes himself by an acute sense of customer service.

Caroline appoints every team’s member for his organizations skills and sense of esthetics, as well as for their shared values: respect, manners, curiosity, precision and love for work well done.

With its bespoke approach to event planning and design, the agency always calls upon its best talents through its numerous resources (both human and skills wise) to guarantee the seamless achievement of your majestic event.

Her advantages: Her glance is always thriving to exalt a venue, an emotion, a slice of life.  Also, her role as a mother feeds her to bring more soul to the event that you have entrusted her with. 




Project Manager – 30 years old

Much more than a project manager, the sweet Pauline is the BFF we would all like to have: a fine sensitivity, a sharp sense of observation, a gift for empathy, caring on all levels but also precision.

Her good points: Her contagious smile, her soothing calm, her stories of travels around the world, her chammarés looks