inks, laugh, tenderness, metamorphosis, passion, complicity, dream, friends, encounter, rituals, smiles, generations, appointments, shouts, joys, childrens, words of love, energy, intimacy, share, illusion, surprises, senses, life, nostalgia, seduction, magic, mystery, couple, mornings, secrets, balance, the other, travels, smell of words.. Les Têtes Chercheuses exudes happiness and joy of life!

A life filled with esthetical and sensory pleasures

A charming life in which inventiveness and conviviality are ubiquitous. An invitation to elegance, luxury and gluttony: Les Têtes Chercheuses isn’t only an Event & Wedding Planner, it is an agency with a strong identity.

If Les Têtes Chercheuses agency was an hotel…

It would be: A starred table in the Tuscan countryside, a boutique hotel in the Alpilles area, a dreamlike dinner on Paris’ Rooftops, a nomad camp in Camargue or a mythical hotel in Assouan…